Hot Sauces

Our line of award-winning, hand-crafted hot sauces are made out of the finest ingredients. Our range of hot sauces offer up delicious flavors and comfortable heat. You’ll find all of which go great on almost everything. Try the Blueberry Habanero hot sauce! It's packed with anti-oxidants. For those who enjoy a mild and smoky heat, the Hatch Chipotle Verde will be a delight. All mouth-watering flavors at a reasonable heat level; It’s hard to choose a favorite!


Blueberry Habanero

A Savory-Sweet Hot Sauce


Garlic Habanero

A Hot Sauce for Garlic Lovers


Hatch Chipotle Verde

A Mild & Smoky Hot Sauce


Barbecue Sauces

Bring the flavor to your next backyard barbecue with one of our delicious barbecue sauces. The smoky spice of chipotle graces the recipes of our Mustard Barbecue Sauce and our Bourbon Barbecue sauce; which adds a welcomed sizzle. Smother your sausage with our Chipotle Mustard Barbecue Sauce. It’s sure to be a hit with Carolina Barbecue lovers. Memphis-style barbecue finds a home in our Chipotle Bourbon Barbecue Sauce and goes great on ribs and pulled pork sandwiches. This delicious duo of award-winning barbecue sauces are the perfect addition to your condiment shelf. They’re delicious!



Chipotle Mustard

A Carolina-Style Mustard Barbecue Sauce



Chipotle Bourbon

A Memphis-Style Barbecue Sauce



Naturally hand-crafted blend of spices for everyone to enjoy. Add savory deliciousness right into your next chicken dish with our Bird Rub Poultry Seasoning. Our All-Purpose Seasoning adds a perfectly-balanced blend of spices to vegetables, French fries, and mac & cheese. We dare you to find something it doesn’t go well with. Our flavorful seasoned salts are bound to be a staple in your kitchen. Our ingredients make them both guilt-free seasonings for your home-cooked favorites.



All-Purpose Seasoning

A Savory Kitchen Staple



Bird Rub Poultry Seasoning

Savory with a Hint of Sweet


Bloody Mary Mix

Our take on this timeless hangover recovery staple is something to enjoy with your favorite vodka. Countless hours have gone into perfecting this blend of tomato juice, fruit juices, and spices. If you're a fan of a Bloody Mary Mix with a little heat, the medium heat this mix brings to a Bloody Mary is something you’ll enjoy with or without a hangover.


Bloody Mary Mix

Our brand-new cocktail mix hand-crafted to perfection!